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Looking to Hire Little People? We can help you...

The goal of this website is to offer services to individuals or businesses interested in hiring Little People for private parties, special events, promotions or TV shows. We are currently based in Philadelphia, PA and we provide services to clients in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware area. However, we are slowly expanding nationally, with hopes of having a network of Little People all over the country. Once we receive your request, a representative will notify you if we have a Little Person in your area.

Disclaimer - Little people are first and foremost human beings, it is secondary that they are human beings who are of restricted growth. The use of the word "little person" on this website to describe someone of short stature may be considered  offensive by some people, but we do not promote the discrimination of little people. This website is merely a way to provide Little People with employment opportunities. It should be noted that the founder of this website is a member of Little People of America, Inc. (LPA).


If you are a little person and are currently looking to make some extra cash, please contact us.

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